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So, a month or so ago, somebody was asking me about what I like to draw. I listed off a couple of things, and someone asked to draw a specific character for them from their favorite anime. I began drawing, only to discover something terrible; I had forgotten how to draw human anatomy, as I had only been drawing ponies for pretty much the past year. Then I realized, Ponies was basically ALL I knew how to draw anymore. Embarrassed, I apologized, admitting that I couldn't remember how to draw anime proportions. The person seemed a little saddened, and I felt fairly guilty and ashamed. I swore to myself I'd try to steer away from Pony related things for a while, but got swept up in the hype for Season 4 and completely forgot.

But then, recently, I discovered a new show: Kill la Kill. Let me say this now; Kill la Kill is now one of my favorite shows of all time. It's basically lifted me out of a 5 year depression, to the point where I've been so inspired by the show that I am now focusing on getting myself fit, as well as inspired me to try to improve my drawing ability as much as possible. I can say that, without a doubt in my mind, Kill la Kill is the greatest anime to be produced since Gurren Lagann (which, coincidently, is made by the same company.)

The reason I bring this up is because I'm shifting my focus; I want to move away from drawing EXCLUSIVELY My Little Pony. I had gotten so enveloped in the fandom that my life become entirely BASED around the show. It was only when I watched Kill la Kill that I was pulled back out of the hole I had dug myself into, and seen how it had shifted from being something as little as an interest to an obsession, and then to a full on addiction.

So, that's it.

I'm taking a break from Ponies. Expect fan-art from shows other than My Little Pony for a while. Not forever, but for a while. I really think this has been a long time coming, and it was only until recently how important it is for me to stretch my boundaries, draw new things, master techniques that I will use in the future instead of obsessing over one little thing.

See you on the other side.


I forgot how to draw humans.
I remembered how to draw humans.
I want to continue drawing humans.
I got too obsessed with MLP.
Kill la Kill is one of the greatest things ever.
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Luke Breadman McHenry
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hello, my name is Luke McHenry.
Edd Gould Rememberance by That-Scallywag

Personality type: INFP

I am currently 16 years old and want to be an Animator or Artist when I grow up. It's all I've ever wanted to. It's all I've ever done. Just draw and draw. However, I still have a long way to go. I am in no way ready to become a professional artist, and I accept that. I have much to improve on, but no matter what I do, I will never, ever be perfect.

:iconrarity-bopplz: :iconapple-bopplz: :iconflutter-bopplz: :icontwilightboogieplz: :iconpinkie-bopplz: :iconrainbow-bopplz:

I am a very artistic person. I love any kind of art, like music, acting, etc. I'm a very polite person and am very grateful for what I have. I am very responsible and mature. I am also gluten-free, and have been for nearly 3 years now. I am very introverted, too. I prefer to be alone %90 of the time, and that's just the way I live. I am also a very sensitive person. I don't like Horror, gore, surprises, excessive profanity, fighting or yelling, or just an unpleasant atmosphere. I am very supportive of diversity and gay marriage, and I am bi-curious. I just don't see why people can't accept people for who they are. This world is filled with hatred and violence. It makes me sad that it's the 21st century, and people are being picked on or bullied because they are different. It's not right.

I adore art. Any kind of art. New or old, simplistic or detailed, pencil or paint brush. I love drawing cartoons, listening to music and occasionally take part in acting, or even writing. I am in love with the past. I love old music, TVs shows, old technology. I just love retro and old fashioned stuff. I feel that nobody really appreciates it nowadays. They are all too focused on their new computers or new clothes to fully appreciate their roots. It's a shame, really.... Art helps me express myself, because I have trouble expressing myself socially. I am horrible at talking face to face to people. I have a phobia of eye-contact and my face isn't very "emotive". I usually just have a blank look on my face when I talk to people, which, I guess, turns them off a bit. But, I'm okay with that. I am very introverted, and prefer to be alone a lot of the time. Besides, my generation isn't exactly "kind". It kind of disgusts me how people treat one-another. It's awful. I would even want to be friends with most people at my school. They've been brought up thinking that difference is wrong, which causes a lot of judging and exclusion.
So... Um... Yeah.

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